[~Medan Cyber Team~]# ssh root@localhost -p ~Medan Cyber Team
[msfconsole]# Enter Password: ************
[root@localhost~]# Last login: c_time
[root@localhost~]# System failure <- Fail ->

./Medan-Cyber-Team Was Here

https://www.facebook.com/cyber.medan/ follow us

[root@localhost~]# clear all


Medan Cyber Team Was Here

Medan Cyber Team

=>Just a message for the haters Medan Cyber Team
=>I just want to say I love to hack fucking websites!
=>How Skill You Abusing MCT So just so simple?
=>Do You Want Power Scenes?
=> Fellow People Indonesia
=> Why vilify each other!
=> Remember!
=> Spin That Wheel!
=> And Gak Forever We Stand Under You!


[root@localhost~]# Demands --->






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